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Licensee and Administrator:
Maria Caridad Santos, RN

Turnberry Care Provider, Inc is a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, serving ambulatory and non-ambulatory men and women ages 60 and over. Mild Cognitively Impaired residents are also accommodated. We create an environment similar to home, where each resident will feel welcomed and comfortable.

Our home is located in the calm and sunny city of San Bruno. Hospitals and pharmacies are located within a close vicinity. Many social events and entertainment can be found near our home as well. The interior of the home is impeccably clean and decorated with a modern, earthy flair. Music, television, movies, and many other activities can be enjoyed by our residents. The backyard is beautifully adorned with various flowers and soft grass. Residents can enjoy an afternoon outdoors whenever they desire.

Our staff will provide continuous and compassionate care. Our caregivers will fulfill the specific needs of our senior clients who require assistance with their daily living activities. Turnberry Care Provider, Inc. will ensure that each resident preserve an optimal level of health and attend all examinations regularly.

We will encourage our residents to stay active and to enthusiastically pursue personal interests. Various activities and entertainment will be offered to our residents so that they may remain active and social.

The quality care that we provide will ensure that your loved one will enjoy the comforts of a welcoming, home-like atmosphere with individual care, attention, and supervision.